• Four Wheel Alignment


    Positioning principle: theestablishment of the thrust line basis.

    Communication: Bluetooth wirelesstransmission.

    ●Measurement: high-precision CCD digital imagemeasurement.

    ●Signal Processing: 32-bit DSP high-speed digitalprocessor.

    ●ComputerConfiguration:Renovocomputer mainframe, 17-inch LCD monitor.

    ●Man-machine interface with LCD display andfilm-button keypad, intuitive display, easy to operate, and durable.

    Sensor body with aluminummaterial stereotypes, it is not easy to be out of shape when use for a long time , to ensure consistency of sensingaccuracy in use.

    Large-capacity lithium battery is made of imported batteries, longer battery life.

    With low power consumption for integration design,under the normal mode,a rechargeablebattery can be used up to 25 hours.

    ●Bluetooth barrier-free data transmission, topenetrate the strong performance across the barriers and to ensure smooth andstable signal within the measurement space.

    With imported CCD module,combined with 22 °wide-angle lighting device to improve the measurementaccuracy in the measurement range.

    With imported infrared light source witha narrow band of light through an optical filtering device to avoid the impactof the light on the measurement loop mirror.

    ●Built-in kingpin measurement techniques, which can measure parameters of kingpin directly. thecomputer display recorddata, the system tip to measureprogressautomatically.

    ●New domestic leading sensor swaps from calibrationtechnology, to ensure the equipment daily maintenance, fast and convenient.

    ●New domestic leading sensor keyboard operation inliquid crystal display mode, it can realize the synchronousoperation, more convenient and fast.

    New four-point RCC technology toreplace the traditional two-point and three-point RCC, to further reduce themeasurement errors caused by out of round rims.

    New battery charging the Overflowautomatic power-off technology to improve the effective working time andservice life of the battery.

    ●Built-in mainframe and electronic level sensorsynchronization technology, also equipped with electronic level arounda single sensor, easy to adjust.

    Save the backup test data for later inspection. 

    ●Four independent DSP digital processing system withthe CCD digital measurement system, adjustment, faster response.

    Freeze and memory data function can work for the measurement of camber in lifting or empty state.

    Database of more than a million Chineseand foreign models,with the increase in new car and replace themenu, to ensure the timely update of the database.

    A variety of languages versions, can be adapted to different nationalities within the rangeof larger and more customers.

       With the import of digitized temperaturecompensated  angle measurement, greatly improvesthe stability and measurementrepeatability


    ● Fordetails, refer to thecompany's product manual.

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